The Technology of the Instrumentation

Scientific and technical journal

The mathematical model of the automated system of correction position of the pseudo sound source in space

Authors: Ph. D. V. V. Usyk, I. S. Belikov

Keywords: acoustic system, mathematical model, stereophony, apparent sound source, low pass filter

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Research of the two-section autohydraulic hoist’s boom position

Authors: Ph.D. A. G. Gurko, N. V. Rosenfeld, Yu. A. Dolya

Keywords: autohydraulic hoist, two-section mechanism, service area, analytic solution

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Principles of measurement of phase shift of two-harmonic signals using full-wave transformation

Authors: D.t.s V. Е. Ovcharenko, c.t.s. S. А. Tyshko, c.t.s. V. G.Smolyar , c.m.s. О. Е. Zabyla , Yu. N. Chernichenko

Keywords: phase shift, harmonic signal, function maximum, extremum, phasemetry

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