The Technology of the Instrumentation

Scientific and technical journal

Scientific and technical journal Technologia Priborostroenia (The Technology of the Instrumentation), established by The Research Technological Instrumentation Institute State Enterprise, is listed in the Ukrainian specialized scientific editions, which can publish the dissertations' results of the candidates, who applied to a doctotate (Ph.D) or Candidate of Technical Sciences degrees (The 8th HAC Bulletin of Ukraine, 2009, the position number 14 in Tehnichrskie Nauki (Technical Science) section, Zhurnaly (Journals) subsection).

The journal issues the articles and materials on the Applied Instrumentation Technology in different areas of national economy, and also the theoretical researches in such aspects:

  • Microelectronics technology
  • Automation and mechanization in instrument engineering
  • Measuring and test equipment
  • Research and development
  • Control, quality and reliability
  • Istrument materials science
  • Experience exchange

The scientific and technical journal is published two times a year.
The articles are issued in Ukrainian, Russian and English.
Certificate of state registration: КВ № 21382-11182 ПР dated 06/09/2015

The digital copy of the journal is stored in The National Ukraine Library named by W. I. Vernadskogo.